Privacy Policy

At Mint Mobile Dental Hygiene Inc (further identified as Mint) we are dedicated to safe-guarding the personal and health information we have or control concerning any individual. We recognize the importance of client privacy and the sensitivity of the personal information we have collected regarding our clients. Mint is responsible for the personal and health information gathered under our control and have a designated Privacy Officer who is committed to ensure our compliance with this policy. In compliance with PIPA (Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act) and the HIA, Mint continues to follow safe practices in ensuring all gathered information is protected.

Information Collected

In Alberta, the following information is not considered personal information (office address, job tittle, business phone number, email address, fax number or any other related business contact information). Personal information is information that directly identifies you, such as personal contact information or medical information. Under this privacy policy, information publicly available, is the responsibility of Mint.

The collections, uses and disclosure of personal information are necessary as a client of Mint. We cannot provide treatment without the consent to the listed collections below. Consenting to receive treatment will be deemed as consent to allow Mint to collect, use and disclose personal information gathered.  At Mint we require personal information to:

  • Open patient files and update files as needed
  • Maintain accurate files for the purpose of continued treatment and services provided to clients
  • Invoicing for dental services, processing credit card payments or collection of unpaid accounts
  • Process claims for payment or reimbursement from third party health benefit providers and insurance companies
  • Provide referrals to other dental or health practitioners
  • Send reminders to patients requiring further treatment
  • Send clients information material about our Dental Hygiene Practice

Clients will be required to provide written notification to Mint’s Privacy Officer if the you do not wish to have your personal information used for the following purposes listed below. Should a client decline to have their personal information used in the following ways, services provided by Mint will not be refused.

  • Provide referrals to other dental or health practitioners
  • Send reminders to patients requiring further treatment
  • Send clients information material about our Dental Hygiene Practice

Information is collected directly from the client or from the Power of Attorney responsible for the client. Should requests for additional personal information from another business, dental professional or particular organization we will obtain your written consent.


Mint will request either written consent or expressed oral consent. This consent can be given over the phone after your identity is authenticated. Consent may be expressed, implied or given by alternate means. Mint will accept authorized representatives such as a lawyer, personal agent, or care giver. Providing consent orally, in writing, electronically, inaction (failure to notify), or otherwise.

During the course of treatment consent may be asked and our privacy policy is your notice of the purposes for which we collect, use or disclose,  your personal information.

Should you volunteer to provide the requested personal information orally or in writing, it is with assumption that consent has been given to collect, use and disclose your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. There are special circumstances where we are required or permitted by law to collect, use or disclose personal information without consent. We handle all personal information confidentially and will substantiate the legal authority to collect, use and disclose personal information in these circumstances. Should you initiate contact with Mint, we may determine that consent has been implied for us to collect, use and disclose personal information in a reasonable manner.

The following instances would substantiate disclosure of personal information without your consent:

  • Required or authorized to do so by law
  • Provision of information necessary to respond to an emergency that threatens the life, health or security of an individual or the public
  • When necessary to establish or collect our fees for service
  • If information is already public knowledge

Use of Your Information

Mint may use your personal information that was collected for the primary purpose of dental hygiene treatment and client billing. Your personal information may be used to provide you with information about our dental services, new developments or business services. A client can notify Mint to withdraw from the above uses at any time. Your personal information will not be sold or disclosed to third party organizations to enable them to market their products or services.

Disclosure of Medical or Personal Information

  • Third party health benefit providers and insurance companies where you have submitted a claim for service reimbursement for all or part of the cost of dental treatment or have asked us to submit on your behalf
  • Third party dentist or specialists to obtain a second opinion that you’ve given consent for Mint to obtain
  • Third party dentist or specialist requesting a second opinion from Mint, with your consent
  • Third party dentist or specialist have been referred to us by a dentist or other dental specialist for treatment with your consent
  • Third party dentist or specialist
  • A family member or caretaker with your expressed consent

Correction of Personal Information

You have the right to request your personal information to be corrected. Mint relies on the client to provide current and up to date personal and business information. The purposes are to provide you with dental hygiene services and to ensure contact is available to notify you of any relevant information. As a Mint client we encourage you to keep your personal information current.

Personal Information Destruction

Should the use of personal information no longer be required, Mint will destroy, erase or make anonymous documents or other records containing your personal information if retention is no longer needed necessary for legal or business purposes.

Protection of your Personal Information

At Mint we adhere to the following procedures

  • Collection or disclosure of any personal information  for any purposes other than those we identify to you or are reasonable relevant
  • Disclosure of personal information only to those who have a need to know as previously outlined in this privacy policy
  • Maintain and protect your personal information as required by law of for as long as needed to fulfill the state of purposes
  • Maintain current and up to date personal information
  • Keeping your personal information secure by using technology safeguards i.e. dental software is login, password protected, encrypted and back up files are encrypted

Requesting Access to Personal Information

At any time, Mint’s clients may request access to their personal files. This request must be given in writing to the Privacy Officer. Mint may charge of a reasonable fee for this retrieval and copying of the requested personal information.

Denial to Access Personal Information

Mint has the right to deny access to your personal information in the following circumstances.

  • Required or authorized by law
  • The information requested has third party information and this information cannot be removed to maintain the privacy of the third party

Should access be denied, Mint will make every effort to mediate the resolution.

Email Communication

Email is not secure and we do take necessary steps to ensure your information is protected. Should you engage in communication via email you will accept all the inherent risks associated with this type of communication.

Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

Mint reserves the right to review, update and change this Privacy Policy to ensure our commitment to Privacy is current and relevant. Please use the contact information below should you have any concerns.

Privacy Officer

Laura Woods

32046 26 Ave E

Foothills, AB

T1S N47