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At Mint we are all about convenience, we bring the office to you. Limit your time away for appointments and increase your productivity.

Its a simple concept, we bring everything, you provide the space, we do the work!

The Facts

Dental illness is one of the most chronic health concerns and can account for significant loss in workforce productivity.


It is estimated that 4.15 million working-days are lost annually due to dental visits or dental sick-days.

We have a solution! Mint offers a full service Dental Hygiene clinic that can setup within your office. Such a new concept we know. However it is incredibly simple. Over 15 retirement homes and 1 hospital have joined in on this concept and now we’d like to offer this within businesses

How does it work?

There is no onsite fee. Contact Mint, we will book a day or week depending on your office size. We will arrive onsite, set up, and provide full service Dental Hygiene Care. Its simple, non invasive and a genius concept.

Our equipment is all 100% mobile. From our fold out chair to the actual dental unit. This concept was developed many years ago for onsite care for war vets, and has advanced significantly to today. We have the ability to set up within a small space at your office and deliver full service Dental Hygiene care.

Not only do we save you and your employees time but we also save you money. In Alberta, the fees for most offices are 20% above the current fee guide. Most plans only cover 80% and therefore individuals are responsible for nearly 40% of their dental bill. At Mint this is not the case. Because our fees match the fee guide, individuals are only paying the 20% that their insurance does not cover.


Our Fees are right on par with the new fee guide!

Mint offers Direct Billing! This means you only pay what your insurance company doesn’t pay.

If you carry private dental insurance, we can submit a claim on your behalf directly to your insurance company.

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